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5 Maintenance Tips For Stormwater Systems

by Gareth Mark

Stormwater systems are important in stormwater management and reducing the risk of stormwater damage. The system can include a piping system, catch basins, vaults, drains, and more structures to ensure the smooth flow of stormwater. However, the system is vulnerable to sedimentation, blockage, and leaks. For that reason, it requires proper care and regular maintenance. Here are maintenance tips for stormwater systems.

First, know How the System Works

Stormwater systems are different. The systems can have drains, pipes, catch basins, and vaults to store the collected water. One has to understand the components of the system so that they can know how to take care of it. Calling in a stormwater system expert to help them understand the system is vital. The experts will also share tips on maintaining the system so that it can function optimally.

Routine Inspection is Key

When one understands how their stormwater system works, it will be easier to conduct routine inspections. The inspection will help the person identify potential problems like obstructions, leaks, or other issues that need immediate attention. It will also help one know when to clean the catch basin, vault, and the entire system.

People should contact experts to inspect the system once in a while. The specialist will identify potential problems and fix them immediately before they get out of hand. Most importantly, when experts inspect and repair the storm system, one can have peace of mind knowing that the system will serve them better when the rainy season comes.

Clean the System Regularly

It is essential to prevent sediments, debris, and dust from entering the drains and reservoirs. One can vacuum sweep the compound and the drains before the storm comes. This ensures that the stormwater collected will have less debris and sediments. In addition, cleaning the catch basin, vault, pipes, and drains will minimize sedimentation and blockage along the system.

It is available to clean the system just before the rain begins. One should ensure that all the debris blocking inlets, pipes, and drains are removed. This ensures the smooth flow of stormwater to the collection reservoir or destination.

Grouting is Helpful

Besides vacuum sweep, grouting is also helpful in stormwater maintenance. It ensures that all leaks are sealed, ensuring stormwater does not leak. Leaks can cause water damage to the property which can be costly to repair. Hire a reliable grouting services company to seal leaking vaults, joints, cracks, catch basins, or pipes on the storm system.

Remove Nuisance, Unwanted or Dead Vegetation Interfering with Water Flow

Storm drains can be invaded by nuisance vegetation. The vegetation can block the flow of water. In addition, dead debris from the plants can block inlets and pipes, causing drainage problems in the stormwater system. Removing unwanted plants and dead vegetation along the stormwater line will make it more efficient.


Maintaining the stormwater system will ensure it functions properly when the rain season comes. One should inspect the system regularly and remove the debris and sediments along the line to ensure a smooth water flow. Most importantly, one should call in professionals to inspect the system. The experts will repair it in case of a problem and share more tips for stormwater maintenance.

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