Korean Casino Lingo: A Deeper Understanding

The term “Korean casino” is, unsurprisingly, quite new. Nevertheless, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits these casinos have to offer. However, if you’re not Korean or don’t speak the language, it can be difficult to understand what’s going on. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common phrases used and give a few tips for navigating a Korean casino even if you don’t speak the language!

The most common phrases used in a Korean casino:

  1. Craps is called “sangjeonchi” in Korean. So if you’re at a craps table and want to place your bet, or “Chul,” say the word for it! Otherwise, use gestures like pointing to what you want as well.
  1. If you’re playing poker, “maeul-la” is the Korean word for “pair.” So if you do happen to get a pair of cards in your hand and want to place a bet on it, just say ma-cul!
  1. The term roulette wheel in Korean is called tangjeong. It’s important to note that this game requires players to have their chips before they can play. Try saying chun jeoggeo pa or pointing at what you would like from the table clerk when placing bets on tengjeon!
  1. There are a few different phrases used in Korean for “to win.” One of these is 게임 사면 (game samaen) which means “to have won the game.”
  1. The word for blackjack or 21 in Korean, if you’re at that table, is 말단. It’s important to note that this word also refers to when someone has lost all their chips, and they don’t want any more bets placed on them. This will prompt the dealer to call out ‘maldan!’ so everyone knows not to bet against them anymore!

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