Learn About The Various Components Under The DP Sea time Reduction Course

The trainees or candidates opting for the DP sea time reduction course will practice preparing and conducting specific activities in simulated conditions. There will also be training for Typical DP failure modes encountered during the operations, and the Connection with field control, other boats, and the various departments aboard is also included in this course. It is done to ensure that these applicants can play a variety of roles in the course.

The various components of this course are:

  • Participants in the Offshore system of the Nautical Institute (NI): The course aims to minimize the amount of DP watchkeeping time needed to qualify for a DP operator license. If completed, the required DP sea time days are reduced. Generation, delivery, and control of electricity, Procedures, documentation, and correspondence for DP watchkeeping and watch handover.
  • The Nautical Institute in London has accredited all DP courses and teachers. Based on our professors’ experience and skills, the course offers a realistic and hands-on guide to many DP problems.
  • Investigation of DP cases and Worksite diagrams, Electronic Charts, and Vessel models for use in DP operations
  • Construction and use of worksite diagrams, Electronic Charts, and Vessel templates for use in DP operations and Plans for a planned DP service, as well as contingency plans for anticipated anomalies and emergencies

In this course, simulated scenarios in a variety of DP activities when dealing with normal and emergencies are also included.