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Occupational Therapists Roles and Duties Explained

by Gareth Mark

Occupational therapists, or (OT’s) in Oxford are often college-educated professionals who have a license to practice healthcare. They collaborate with a wide range of healthcare professionals on your behalf, regularly in order to help provide care to a client, here is what a typical OP does;

What do they do?

Occupational therapy consists of evaluation skills, application abilities and the intervention to help people, groups, and communities acquire, recover, or retain meaningful activities or jobs. OT’s frequently work with persons who have mental health issues, disabilities, injuries, or impairments.

Areas of practice

Children –OT’s help families with disabled children with many a task, taking them to and from school is common as well as helping to arrange suitable social activities.

Health and wellness – Maintaining healthy mind and body is important, both come hand in hand and, the best of OT’s can help you with maintain a steady level of health helping with daunting tasks like, checking out new stairlifts in Oxford and, making sure they are suitable.

Mental health – As mental health issues become more and more common as such is the requirement for OT’s to become well trained in order to be of service.

Aging productively – People are living longer and as such are spending more of their lives in unknown territory. OT’s can help the elderly to become part of support groups to help them live productively.


Quite a responsibility for one person to take on so, if you ever require the services of an OT, make sure you thank them and appreciate what they are doing for you, often, they aren’t in in for the money!

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