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Questions to ask before renting a 360 photo booth for your next event 

by Gareth Mark

If you are currently reading this article then you are probably familiar with a 360 photo booth and in fact, are just as charmed by it as the rest of the world is. 360 photo booths or the “Social 360” is one of the trendiest things in the market right now. It’s not just a photo booth but a whole experience on its own, an experience worth witnessing. It is going to make you feel like you are the star of the event, and it most certainly passes the paparazzi vibe check.

Although it is called a photo booth, it is made to capture 360-degree spinning videos. We bet you didn’t know that a 360 photo booth can capture 120 frames per second. So, just one of your poses is being captured numerous times from a different perspective. You can even add fun filters or graphics to your pictures and even customize the background. Isn’t that super cool? But wait there’s more to it. It can also capture slow-motion videos.

It is one of the greatest tools to keep your guests engaged and add some excitement to an otherwise bland event. This will surely set your rapport as the best host of all time and if you are promoting a brand or a product then it will definitely be great publicity for you. This is because your guests would upload their photos and videos to various social media platforms, which is great for your business. Now if you are considering arranging a photobooth for your next event then there are a few questions that you should ask mind before renting a 360 photo booth.

  1. The first and the most important thing is asking whether they’re free on the respective dates. Sometimes, photo booth rentals will book you for a particular slot and then cancel last minute. Ask them beforehand if they have any prior engagements on that day.
  2. Inquire about the different packages they offer and if the photo booth props are included in the package or not. Most people commit the mistake of not inquiring about this and up paying a lot of money for the props that should ideally be included in the total cost.
  3. Confirm the number of hours you would be getting. This does not include the time taken to set up the photo booth.
  4. Ask whether there would be an attendant or not. Usually, having an attendant is beneficial to avoid any inconveniences during the event.
  5. Discuss the payment method and if they ask clients to make an advance deposit.
  6. Discuss the printing. Make sure to opt for the package that will allow your guests to get unlimited prints without paying an extra fee. Also, don’t forget to ask them about the size of the photos. The usual photo booth sizing is 2×6 inches with 3 or 4 photos. (You could even customize the size of the photos).

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