Top 5 things that you never know about Orthokeratology

As we all know, the eyes are the most sensitive and essential part of our body. Thus, it is our paramount responsibility to take care of our eyes. For making clear vision, lots of people try different things like contact lenses, glasses, or some time need to do the operation. That’s why one can try Orthokeratology, and it is the kind of lens that makes our vision clear. Through the use of Orthokeratology, you can quickly get rid of several eyes problems:

  • Myopia
  • Presbyopia
  • Monovision
  • Hyperopia

It is appropriate for all ages and effective treatment. The orthokeratology singapore is the process of setting the contact lens to reshape the cornea. It is generally designed for wearing it at night rather than day. One can wear it before sleeping, and while waking up, they can remove the lens. Through this, they can clearly see without wearing any glasses. There are aspects you might never know about Ortho-K.

Myopia is becoming common.

According to others’ points of view, around 1.5 billion people are suffering from myopia, and this number is increasing day by day. So with the help of orthokeratology, these numbers can be reduced. Most of the users may not know how to use these lenses. Thus, there is no need to worry about this. The doctor will definitely guide you in this aspect and make sure that you will feel comfortable.

It is not new

Most people think that orthokeratology is a new technique, but to be honest, it is not new. The root of Ortho-K was discovered in 1940, but scientists were working on it to select the best outcome. 1990’s it is launched in the medical era after doing lots of research; thus, since the 1990s, people have been using this technique for curing myopia.


When it comes to knowing the last effect of using the lenses, so its effect only works for one day; for the next day, you need to wear the lens at night and put it out in the morning. On can wear Ortho-K in day timing, but for shaping the cornea, your eyes need a comfort zone, and it only occurs at night.

Hydraulic factors

Some patients assume that the reshaping of corneal might be painful. It is because they think that Ortho-K works by squeezing in eyes, but in reality, it is not valid. The reshaping will only work with the help of hydraulic force.


For making the actual fitting lens, you need to wear multiple lenses. For getting the perfect fit, you need to try multiple lenses for several months. Thus, it would be best if you spent lots of time to get better results.

Thus, these are the main 5 aspects that you never know about Orthokeratology. Those who are suffering from myopia then they can try this treatment without any pain. The best candidates for Orthokeratology are small kids as they don’t like to wear glasses.