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Cables4computer is the one stop store for PC gamers, music darlings, IT experts, specialists searching for hard drives, organizing arrangements, links, connectors or connectors.

Cables4computer has more than 2500+ top selling items in stock and prepared to deliver on same day of request. Highlighted results of cables4computer are Ziplinq links, sound boundless items, no-nonsense links, Kabling Cables, Pro AV arrangement links, ultra level links and links boundless links.

Kabling Series links and Wireless speakers:

Buying Kabling originator Pink arrangement items and remote speakers at cables4computer you will be in a roundabout way adding to National Breast Cancer Foundation. KaBLING links and remote speakers are ideal for any PC, work area, and sound framework. These striking pink USB, Power, Audio, HDMI, Cat5e links are completely deceived out with splendid, hand applied gems, adding style to any PC framework. Add to the blend their mind blowing sounding convenient 900 megahertz Pink Wireless Speakers! Hotshot your Pink style with KaBLING Designer Pink Series items while supporting the battle against bosom malignant growth.

Sound Unlimited Wireless Headphones and Speakers

For a definitive listening joy, attempt Audio Unlimited line of 2.4GHz and 900MHz remote indoor-open air mountable speakers, remote earphones, remote outside stone speakers, remote and coasting pool speaker, remote shower speaker and that’s just the beginning! Interface the transmitter to any sound gadget, similar to your advanced beneficiary, iPod/iPhone, CD/MP3 player, PC/Laptop or any TV, DVD, or Blu-Ray player. Convenient adaptability with perfectly clear stable up to 150 feet from your music source. Sound Unlimited items are a straightforward sans wire arrangement anyplace inside or outside your home, communicating the sound sign through dividers, floors, roofs. With auto-filter highlight, stage lock circle innovation (PLL), you’re ensured obstruction free music. No static, murmurs, or pops. Furthermore tune in to a similar music or program all through your home or office by adding speakers to your present set.

Star A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio and Video Cables and Accessories

Star A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio and Video Cables are wide assortment of top of the line links and connectors to boost home amusement experience. In the event that you are looking for the links for Home Theater survey and tuning in, think about Pro As a/V Series premium line of links and connectors. Cables4computer sound video HDMI items coordinate and consistently interface your A/V segments to achieve the best top notch, Plasma, DLP, LCD picture, and improve the sound lucidity of your multi-station theater setup.

UltraFlat Cables and Accessories

UltraFlat Cables are glue upheld, can be utilized on practically any smooth, clean surface, can be appended to a surface and left revealed, or be effectively secured with paint, backdrop, or floor covers. UltraFlat HDMI Home Theater links are intended to guarantee the ideal exchange of computerized video and sound signs. These exceptional ultraFlat wound pair development links with high-thickness protecting lessen crosstalk and offers a cleaner signal than round links. They’re perfect for running behind theater setups, under floor covering, or around corners. No all the more getting wire through dividers, storage rooms, or utilizing terrible wire form.

UltraFlat Cat6 superior gigabit Ethernet fix links are ideal for associating your PC to a system where space is tight. With all the dependability and execution of a standard Cat6 fix link, this 1.2mm thick link fits into the most impenetrable space. Your work area or divider jack is less jumbled.

Bad-to-the-bone Gaming Series Cables and Accessories

Take your gaming experience to the following level with Hardcore Gaming arrangement line of Wii, PS3, and X-BOX360 premium A/V play and charge links, regulators, charging dock stations and packs, power supplies, infra red inductors. For a definitive gaming joy, associate them to your Home Theater!

ZipLinq Mobility Solutions

The ideal portability arrangement is our progressive top of the line retractable ZipLinq product offering intended to improve and upgrade your capacity to connect at home, or out and about. ZipLinq Retractable links come in USB, Firewire, Cell telephone Chargers, PDA Charge and Sync Cables, Modular Telephone and Networking links, a Mini Optical USB Mouse, iPod and iPhone connectors.

Cables4computer stock a huge combination of links and embellishments in the Computer, Audio/Video, Gaming, Wireless, Networking classifications. From Flat Ribbon, SCSI, USB links, to Ethernet connector cards, Firewire links, IO Cards Express Cards, to fundamental Audio/Video network going up to very good quality HDMI and UltraFlat links. Cables4computer offer compact, indoor and open air climate safe remote speakers and earphones, Wireless USB Adapters, and the sky is the limit from there.